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Motorcycle riders Largely of Northern Extraction have unleashed violence on policemen attached to Ipaja Division and bystanders within jakande estate route in Alimosho Local Government Area of the state

Trouble, however, started today 13, 09, 2021 when Motorcycle riders Popularly known as Okada-riders Moves to obstruct vehicular movements entering Jakande estate, causing heavy traffic through a route linked with Ipaja Ayobo, a front arterial road where the Restriction policy of the state government still subsists.

Those residents including this writer have prevailed on these said Okada riders to no avail, leaving residents with no other option of calling the police for intervention which eventually led to a violent clash that led to inflicting injuries on two policemen sent for usual routine while attempting to enforce the restriction order made by Lagos state government banning motorcycles within the said routes.

When urban Express-News got to the scene, one of the police Officer told our correspondent that those Okada riders came in large numbers and were beating them after prevailing on them to abide by the law but refused.

The Okada Riders Mostly (Northern Extraction) called for reinforcements from the opposite side of Gowon estate in large numbers and start unleashing violence, Throwing bottles, stones and brought out knives to inflicts injuries on us, one of the officers told our correspondent.

A female inspector whose shoulder was brutally bruised said those riders even went to the extent of locking Abesan main entrance gate, disallowing residents to gain entrance into the estate which, if not for some good-spirited Nigerians,  the reaction would have led to an ethnic clash.

A resident, identified as Taiwo told our correspondent that the way things are if nothing is done, there is a Tendency this Development may lead to ethnic differences; there is nowhere hooliganism of this kind is being perpetrated “he said.

Another Resident whose name is simply identified as Mr Seyi said; there is something wrong somewhere, how can Okada riders be hitting police, throwing stones, bottles at police in this manner and no one is saying anything?, he asked!

“These Riders are gradually turning into something else, the way and manner they stood with condor after hijacking the main entrance of the jakande  estate gate is very telling, something drastic needs to be done, for me, the police need to reinforce, what was discovered as the event unfolds remains that the division and its area command needs more men, nothing more”

He said; last week same thing happened, they went to the area command area P’, with the intention of unleashing mayhem on the police, the police should do something quickly if it does not want to be overwhelmed, Mr Seyi said.

Our correspondent gathered those that injured those police officers were actually Okada-riders from Aboru, an adjoining settlement with mostly Northern Extraction whose normal routine it is, bringing passengers to Abesan, jakanke estate destination with the intention of going against Lagos state government ban on highway routes for  Motorcycle riders popularly known as Okada!

“We are calling on Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Hakeem Odumosu to intervene before it goes out of hand, many inhabitants echoed as our correspondent was about leaving the scene of the incident

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