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The Southwest Youth Congress has urge President Buhari against the move to appoint Non-police as Head of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission Efcc saying decision may spell doom for the commission and defeat the aim of fighting corruption which happens to be the mantra of this administration.

 A statement sighted by our correspondent quoted the youths as saying it decided to put the president on notice following Justice Ayo Salami’s remark where he said so far, there had been four successful chairmen of the commission from inception having been drawn from the police and that,  consideration should be given to a candidate from other law enforcement agencies and qualified core staffs of the economic and financial crime commission as established (Efcc Act 2004)

The Panel while presenting its report to President mohammadu Buhari at the council chamber had specifically stressed that in appointing a new chairman for the commission, henceforth, consideration should be given to candidates from other law enforcement agencies.

Justice Ayo Salami was said to have headed a panel that deliberated on issues surrounding an allegation of corruption levelled against Ibrahim Magu, a former Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), where the panel later got him suspended due to what it termed “ Sundry infractions” against him, and possible removal.

The statement put further that feelers from presidency revealed that the search for a new chairman for the commission may have started and that such recommendation coming from justice Ayo Salami to appoint Non-police was not part terms and reference of the panel adding that it will be difficult for the agency without having a seasoned police officer heading the commission

“We Envisage challenges, should the president hid to the submission of Justice Ayo Salami appointing a Non-police to head the agency as its capable of weakening the strength of the anti-graft agency to fight corruption, the southwest youths said

“The premeditated statement coming from justice salami after the submission of its findings in the report will no doubt draw flacks from many quarters as justification in its recommendation contained in the report adding that it has no doubt that certain forces were at play and working surreptitiously to undermine the foremost anti-graft agency in the country”.  

“Some have alleged that Magu does not have the requisite capability to steer that agency partly because he has never held a position or even head a unit in the Police Force talk more of a gigantic establishment that is saddled with the responsibility to tackle the high and mighty in the society”.

“This is further strengthened when viewed side by side with the report that emanated from the Department of state security services (DSS) then which many believed touched on the competency of Ibrahim Magu.

“Given the submission from  Salami Panel that non-Police personnel should be appointed to head the EFCC henceforth and also to inject more core personnel to the EFCC, it is evident that such  judgment and the way and manner the report comes across and presented, makes it look as if some persons are in competition or at war with the Police.”

The South-west Youth Congress believe if the leadership of the EFCC is to be a non-police officer, it is to finally ground the EFCC to a death kneel as it will be counterproductive to the anti-corruption fight.

The youths went further to state that, “the agency’s core officers get trained by police officers in investigation activities.

There is no doubt that police lead in core investigation activities, no matter how one looks at it, one can’t take away the powers of investigation from the police including forensic investigation. These are some of the shortcomings of Ibrahim Magu which he failed to correct been a police officer himself, it added.

“The Efcc attained greatness because of the seasoned and Experienced Police officers that piloted its affairs but regrettably, a source had confided in them that president mohammadu Buhari is looking outside the police fore in search for new EFCC Boss in conformity with the recommendation of the panel that probed allegations against Magu, it was also gathered that small search team would be constituted in the next few days to narrow down on the candidate capable of delivering the President’s dream of a corrupt-free anti-graft agency”.

 “The sad reality confronting us as a people is that there is corruption almost everywhere, as  this administration has specifically focused on the fight against corruption.

‘’However, the stark reality of widespread corruption becomes poignant when allegations of corruption touches on the leadership of an institution set up by law to coordinate and enforce all economic and financial crimes.

‘’We recognise that there are more grounds to cover in the war against corruption and we are prepared to go out to possess those lands by cutting off any stream that nourishes the seed of corruption and supports its growth.

“As Southwest Youth Congress, our suggestion is still on the premise  that the recommendations as pushed by this emerging cabal to the President are not foolproof after all,  what we need for the commission  is an outstanding police officer that knows his or her onion and would be desirous to leave a lasting legacy for future generations to imbibe his or her footprints”.

“Therefore, it is our considered opinion that the President should tread a fine line to ensure the EFCC under his watch does not fall apart”, the statement Reads.

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