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Governor Kasshim Shettima of Borno
State, on Tuesday, called for detailed investigation on what happened to the
N500 million said to have been released for the reconstruction of Government Girls
Secondary School, Chibok.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
recalled that the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan
announced the release of the money after the abduction of Chibok school girls.

Former Minister of Finance, Dr
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, had flown to Chibok to inaugurate the N500 million
rebuilding project under the Safe School Initiative programme.

Two years on, the project is yet to
be completed while students of the school remain at home.

Shettima told residents of Chibok
that the government would pressurise the Federal Government to uncover those
who might have diverted the money.

The governor lamented that a lot of
individuals and groups had turned the misfortune of Boko Haram victims into a
money-making venture.

He said it was important to
determine how much was released to the contractor handling the project as the
school had remained in a state of disrepair.

Meanwhile, 21 of the freed girls of
Government Secondary School, Chibok, abducted by Boko Haram spent their first
Christmas with their parents.

To avoid apprehension or a repeat
of the abduction by the insurgents, the girls were supported by high-powered
security delegation of men of the state security service.

With the visit of Governor Kashim
Shettima to Chibok, on Monday, the security around the ladies was further
enhanced with more soldiers.

Governor Shettima spent Monday, in
Chibok town, where 276 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram insurgents on
April 14, 2014.

While in Chibok, the governor met
the 21 schoolgirls recently freed by the Boko Haram in October, 2016 following
a negotiation with the insurgents that was brokered by international mediators
on behalf of the Federal Government.

Spokesman for the governor
said  the girls consequently presented a
gift of a medium sized framed photograph of themselves and the governor with a
bold ‘Thank You’ printed on it during the visit.

While presenting the photograph,
Glory Dama, one of the girls, said they deeply appreciated the show of love by
Governor Shettima and his wife, Nana, who visited them countless times in
Abuja, taking care of their needs while demanding to know their problems and
sorting them out.

Shettima, who expressed concern for
their future, said: “As you know, 56 of your colleagues who escaped abduction
are currently in two international schools where they have been since 2014. We
are taking care of all their educational needs from school fees to other

“Left to me, I would want the 21 of
you to join them in those two schools so that you can all feel at home and move
on. However, the Federal Government has a plan which we will discuss jointly
and come up with a decision that is acceptable to you our daughters.

“President Muhammadu Buhari loves
you so much and he is deeply concerned about our daughters that are yet to be
freed. He is working on that and we are all working.”

Shettima also announced the
appointment of Yakubu Nkeki, chairman of the parents association of Chibok
schoolgirls as councillor of Mbalala ward in Chibok Local Government Area of
the state.

“We appointed Yakubu Nkeki as
councillor for him to have a formal platform to continue his advocacy for the
welfare of families of missing Chibok girls, and to ensure that they are given
special consideration at all times by the the local government area on all
issues, particularly on welfare, health, empowerment etc.

“Nkeki will also serve as a
constant reminder to the council that there are parents like him who live in
pains. He is simply there to advocate for the welfare of the parents and also
as someone who has been a victim, he will stand by the efforts of government to
protect schools through community surveillance in addition to formal security
establishments,” Shettima said.

The governor also consoled parents
whose daughters were yet to be seen, promising that all hands were on deck to
ensure the return of all the former students of Government College, Chibok,
still alive anywhere in  the world.

Governor Shettima directed the
presentation of more assorted clothing to the girls and their parents having
donated same to them when they first arrived.

“Nothing is too much for these
girls and their parents. They have suffered too much and deserve our support,”  he noted.

After a working day in Chibok, the
governor rested in Askira with a schedule to return to Chibok on Tuesday for
meetings with community leaders and parents whose kids are yet to be recovered
and even those of the 21 girls freed in October.

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