Our Core Habitat Had Got Some Vibrant Individuals That Has Silently, In One Way or The Other Committed To Sustaining Their Surroundings’ Through Philanthropic Gestures and is not known. But Achieving Realizable Environment For The Soul Benefits Of Our Common Concern Must Be Seen To Set This Kind Of Standard Where Notable Efforts Are Encouraged, Through Those Commitments In Order to Rekindle The Interest of Others And The Hope Of Meeting The Continuous Determination Of Impacting On The Next Generation Without Compromising The Future, Write Olusegun Ariyo.

Today, in history has had many Nigerians with landmark achievements from various endeavors. Organisations and international environmental foundations that pulled through efforts that have impacted on our surrounding are essentially in developing countries as Nigeria can be said to be better planners of our future.

What the future demands according to bruntland, in its report on commission of inquiry on Environmental Development commissioned by world Center for environment and development in 1987, where he contended that ‘’if we must live for tomorrow, we should then think of how we can harness our resources today in order for future generational needs’’.

This landmark submission that was submitted for more than two decades past is still very relevant till date. Its importance can never be overemphasized; the future is rather now many observers who believe it has said. If we must harness our resources as said, achieving it means that we must preserve our environment from exposing it to degradation.

Human factor in striking balance between environment and development remains vary salient. One striking efforts that remained ever green is that of the renowned environmental activist, late ken Saro wiwa whose efforts is still giving birth to so many trends of emancipation in the Niger Delta and how it has been able to drag much attention of wider world communities to its levels of neglect cannot be far-fetched.

Before now, ecosystem and its biosphere were severely depleted, should we then say that since nature had done its part by depositing treasure as life support system, should it then be that the inequities of human factors is now to be encouraged to the extent of what should be having serious consequences on it?

The singular efforts channeled by wiwa remains evergreen, going by brundtland’s word ‘’that, it is therefore inevitable planning for the future generational needs, whereas human efforts of these kind are quite significant going by the latest move of these present government deciding to implement united nation environmental programmes report of cleaning up those oil spills and other ruminants in the delta. Quoting Saro Wiwa, where he said ‘’the writer cannot be a storyteller, he cannot be a mere teacher, he cannot merely x-ray society’s weakness, its ills, its perils.

He or she must be actively involved shaping its present and its future’’. The significant of this is about investing through the future by helping those whose achievements are on-towards our common concern, heralding our quest to up hold environmental quality with exceptional initiatives of different kinds.

With Green Award on ground, Nigerians with great qualities whose efforts had greatly impacted our environment stands encouraged organisers have said. The organisers believe Awards of this nature remains golden and it is only exceptional Nigerians in these regards are given whilst encouraging others in there ploy of ensuring that the environment is developed, sustained and preserved for future generational needs, is also projected to encourage others to contributes their own effort of impacting on the environment and be recognized in such manner.

Accordingly, every individual would be inspired and encouraged also to our rural and urban area with laudable ideas that would rekindle the hope of meeting the expected change of our surroundings is achieved. According to Dr. Agunloye, who indeed is part of its trustees, said the methodical approach of nominating and picking of outstanding awardees, would include questionnaire dissemination within the environment where such individual is nominated to determine its competency.

He said other consideration would be furthered through public opinion, organisations own category would be based on its commitments to corporate social responsibilities to which such company has successfully executed. Continuing, Agunloye said the award is designed to also recognize corporate organisations, philanthropist and individuals that have excel in academics and other professional practice.

Consequently, team of experts would be those that would give final verdicts of every of the status of every winners. ‘’This Award is organized by environmental safety and standard initiatives, an NGO, based in the country with partnering other international collaboration, Agunloye further said that the Awards are in eighteen categories with having ‘’Ever green’’ as it landmark .

Cities exist because individuals are not sufficient. If each of us produces everything we consume, there won’t be any need for much company and there won’t be any need to live at all. Another organizer, Mr. Seun Emmanuel, added that the whole idea is scheduled to start by April next year, ‘’our letters of invites would start any moment from now, ‘’our methodical approach where all nomination and those who feel are qualify, and are willing to send in their nomination would also be given opportunity.

Explaining the rationale behind the whole idea, he said what is good for our environment is good for us, if these awards of this kind is being put in place before now, people would have been inspired to do more good to our environment. seun noted that with these kind of Award on the ground, Nigerians would become good for it, environmental activities would now have to be trade with caution with encouraging useful interaction through good gesture. Green Award according to seun is working partnership with team of experts in various fields of endeavor with excellent sense of judgment in picking the best that merits the Award.

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