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The founder of the Resurrection Praise Ministry Worldwide Aka Jehovah sharp-sharp has said the country’s leadership has not done enough to address the underlying issues fanning insecurity and disunity befalling the country.

This submission is coming as the country celebrates 6o-years of its independent today.

Bishop Samson Mustapha made this disclosure in a statement signed by his Chief Press secretary, Hyacinth chinweuba and that which was sighted by Urban Express-News Online.

The statement put further; while acknowledging the need for all to thank God for keeping the country as one despite her numerous challenges, regretted that not enough has been done in practical terms by successive leadership to foster a deep sense of patriotism and oneness amongst the various nationalities that makes up the country.

It was shameful that 60 years after gaining independence from the colonial masters, the country was yet to get its acts together, we still lack the quality leadership needed to guide the country in the path of peaceful coexistence, economic prosperity and security of life and property.

He added; “we thank God that we are alive to mark the diamond jubilee of our country’s independence, as an independent country still searching for how to become a nation where no one is oppressed and everyone feels a sense of belonging”.

“In spite of all odds, we have survived  for 60 years and so we must thank God and praise the resilience  of Nigerians, however,  this year of our diamond jubilee has turned out to be one of the most challenging  for most Nigerians and that which are still battling with the effects of insecurities in the land especially when covid19 struck and made life impossible for those that lost their jobs and other sources of livelihood”

To make life even more impossible, there was an increase in VAT, only to be followed by imposition of stamp duty.

He said the dust raised by the development had hardly settled when Nigerians were slapped with an increase in electricity tariff which followed in a couple of week with an increase in the pump price of petrol.

“Life has continued to grow harder for a majority of Nigerians and government needs to take radical steps to ease the burden they are carrying which calls for the need for restructuring  the country along the path of true federalism where various ethnic nationalities would have a sense of belonging”

Considering the human and natural resources the country is blessed with, it would seem that the structure of the country is distorted regrettably with the advent of the military incursion into governance has remained an obstacle to the county’s growth.

We must return to the original concept of Nigeria federation that recognises the uniqueness of the federating units that gives the right to sovereignty of states while Nigeria remains one indivisible county.

His word: “Nigerians are indeed a special breed of people blessed by God, the reason we some excel in almost all spheres of human endeavours at the international levels as what we need here remains an enabling environment that would bring out the best in us all.

Archbishop Benjamin called on all citizens to pray for our dear country Nigeria and her leaders that we may overcome  the present challenges and remain a united country  where no person is oppressed and all are proud to serve our sovereign nation, the statement read

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