It was a case of disappointment and indeed happiness when
some yet to be identified policemen in a viral video caught an able man whose
identity was yet to be known  and was
said to be accused of being a criminal, that has been terrorising Ibadan metropolis
before the long Arm of the law caught up with him.

in the viral video, the policemen  whose identity is simply called “Wyclef” was
communicating in Yoruba; said the yet to be identified  criminal has   been on
its wanted list and that he was caught like a snail.

Although many Nigerians on social media were however disappointed after watching the
clip of the viral video with much   concern on  the lady  who simply said  her name is Towobola  and  was said to be with the culprit during the
time the policemen effected the arrest of the suspect!.

The policeman in the viral video who described himself as “Wyclef”
was asking the lady about her past relationship and whether she was a virgin or
not, it went further to ask the reason Towobola, a university of Ibadan graduate
how she got to know the arrested wanted suspect.

Here him’ “what’s your name, I’m Towobola, cut in, if you
cover your face eh, don’t worry all the television broadcast station will
report your story”

Go and huge him now, the (Suspect), the policeman commanded, “why
are you pretending, you that have been with the suspect since yesterday? 

Continuing, the policeman said, “Why did you leave your
former boyfriend? It is because he didn’t have money, and if  I say you should be my girlfriend, definitely you
won’t, because I don’t have money, but a criminal could be,  just because he has stolen money.

The Lady who identified her name as Towobola said she was a
university of Ibadan graduate and that she’s  just twenty-five year of age who just finished
her youth corp service some days back.

Towobola broke into tears, as she said she was from a
reputable family and that the man in question, she only meets along BcJ within
Iwo Road, a location in Ibadan.

Ask how they meet, Towobola said she just meet the man few
day ago,  and that she started meeting
men this year while requesting that she should be allowed to explain herself
off-camera to which was turned down by the policemen in the viral video.

But the development has however sparked a lot of disappointments on social media where some are of the opinion that Towobola shouldn’t have been
hit with object since she’s not  in the
wanted list of the police as at the time the arrest was being perfected.

A lady who simply put her name as biggy shanty on Facebook described
the action of the policeman as absurd, wondering why all the policemen in the viral video were focusing on the lady in question and leaving behind the main  culprit itself who has been on its wanted list

Another individual whose name is Oluwagbemileke Ikide said “The
overzealousness of those police officers is simply overwhelming. The law has
not found her guilty, yet, you choose to take the law in your hand by
humiliating her, putting her up on social media and ultimately pronouncing her
guilty even before any court could do so. “I hate this act sincerely”. The Lady
should follow up her case first for deformation, except that she’s part of
those criminals wanted. If you ask the police now, they will tell you an investigation is ongoing, a thing that has no end!

 The lady said she met him, the (suspect) along Iwo road within the confine of her resident; is there
anything wrong for a lady meeting a man?
Is it written on the face of the said criminal that indeed he is a criminal? If
that is true, then why beating her? Why asking her about her past relationship?
What manner of a set of a policeman is this? Why convicting someone without any
guilt pronouncements?

But responding to the Developments, the
police in a statement said it has commenced an investigation into the viral video
trending on social media showing a policeman interrogating a 25-year-old female
suspect with asking an embarrassing question about her sex life.

“The  inspector general of police has ordered a discrete investigation into the circumstances
surrounding the dehumanizing treatment meted out to a female citizen in the
viral video”

The updated
video which was about six minutes long saw a policeman who identified himself
as Wyclef along with his colleagues, interrogate a young lady called Towobola”

The inspector
General of Police, Adamu Mohammed  Condemned
the act and direct the commencement of comprehensive investigation aimed at unravelling
the true identity of the perpetrators with a view to bringing them to justice.

Members of the public are hereby assured that any members of the force found culpable in the incident will  be made to face appropriate

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