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kidnapper Evans made good use of sophisticated phones to frustrate his arrest
making it difficult to locate his where-about before he was eventually nabbed
by men of intelligence response team police sources have said. Accordingly, not until police authority gathered useful tips from ‘’Evans’’ younger
sister and childhood friend , the successes of the operation would have been jeopardized the source added

Urban Express news online
reliably gathered
that Evans
childhood friend and four girlfriends were also picked up by the police and
they all gave relevant information.
is just as operatives disclosed that Evans used three phones – two of which
reportedly cost N2.4m and N2.6m respectively – with anti-tracking features to
frustrate his arrest.
Urban Express news learnt that he contacted families of his victims through the
phones to demand ransoms, bearing in mind that the families could report to the
police for tracking.
police sources also disclosed that the billionaire kidnapper had 126 registered
SIM cards.
Evans, who also deals in drugs, was
arrested on Saturday in one of his two mansions on Magodo Estate, Lagos, after
seven years of high-profile abductions across the country, during which he
collected millions of dollars in ransoms.
was paraded the following day amid jubilation at the Lagos Sate Police
Command’s headquarters in Ikeja.
was said to have bought three houses in Accra, Ghana and wristwatches worth
thousands of dollars from the proceeds of the crimes. The suspect, who dropped
out of school at Junior Secondary School 2, had confessed to have once
collected $1m ransom.
of his gang members are Nwosu Chukwuma, aka Sudo, 42; Suoyo Paul
aka Nwana, 42; Felix Chinemerem, 36; Chukwuemeka Bosah, 28;
Uchechukwu Amadi and Ogechi Amadi. Uchechukwu and Ogechi are husband and wife.
AK-47 rifles, one AK-49 rifle, two English pistols, 59 AK-47 magazine with
ammunition, 1,272 pieces of live ammunition of AK-47 (9mm) and five number
plates were reportedly recovered from the
police officer told
urban express on
Thursday that apart from the weapons, three phones – a Turaya, and two
different Vertu phones – containing anti-tracking features were recovered from
the 36-year-old native of the Nnewi North Local Government Area, Anambra State.
officer said, “He has 11 phones. Two of them are special Virtu phones, which
are very difficult to track. He also has a Turaya, which is a satellite phone.
It can be used anywhere, including in the bush, on the sea, and desert, where
there are no GSM service. In Nigeria, we don’t have the capability to track
said he bought the Virtu phones N4.6m. He used the three phones for his
nefarious activities. We succeeded in tracking him through the other phones he
detective stated that a number of SIM cards used by Evans complicated
the challenges posed by the sophisticated phones, adding that he bought the SIM
cards registered from miscreants in Computer Village, Ikeja.
said, “We studied and analysed 126 SIM cards before we caught him. We have
about two-page analysis of each of the numbers. He used 125 of those numbers to
call his gang members only and used one to call his mother, wife and sister. He
said he bought all the SIM cards already registered in Computer Village for
N1,500 each.

picked his sister, his childhood friend with whom he attended primary school,
and four of his girlfriends. They gave us the information that led to his
arrest. Evans confirmed that they didn’t know he was into kidnapping. Because
of that, we granted them bail, while investigations continue.”
Force public relation Officer Jimoh Moshood said he will soon be charged to

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