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The Nigeria Institute of Town Planners, Ogun state chapter has commiserated with victims and families of the recent flood disaster that ravaged the state killing not less than eight inhabitants as a result heavy downpour that took place last Friday.

In a statement made available to urban express news online was quoted as saying; that the state chairman Tpl Oladunjoye Arowosegbe expresses deep concern and sympathy for those affected as a result of the heavy downpour coming with loss of lives and properties.

The statement put further as saying some of the pictures posted on social media platforms and an on the spot assessment enable them to see how severe the effects of the floods where buildings, bridges and roads were being submerged

“The Ogun state chapter of the Nigeria Institute of Town Planners is of the opinion that the effect of flooding could have been minimized if necessary steps were taken and the local campaign is undertaken to ensure that drains and canals are cleared and clog-free”.

He said it is time for Ogun state government to look into the regional plan of the state in other to improve on it and begin to implement all strategies proposed in the report for a flood-free sub-region.

Arowosegbe also affirm the institute’s position in relation to resident’s role saying that inhabitants must cultivate the habit of being vigilant and also ensure that doors and other openings are closed, monitored to prevent their apartments from being invaded by reptiles

“It is also important to note that despite the existence of a regional plan, there is a need to prepare a master plan for the state capital and all the urban settlements in the state”. “It is only this level of plan that can be effective in guiding developments at the street level”

“It is not sufficient to prepare regional plans, it is more important to implement them”. “to us, “we believe is one of the keys to achieving sustainable cities”

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