Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti has warned voters in Ondo not
to vote for the All Progressives Congress in the forthcoming governorship
election, insisting the party was not a good option for people of the state.

He advised the people to ensure the ruling People’s
Democratic Party retain the governorship seat after Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

Fayose who spoke on a radio programme in Akure, the capital
of Ondo State,  he elugies voters as he admonished them never to vote APC, he said  the APC government had failed the people of Nigeria in the
last one year of its rule.

He advised voters in the state not to support any candidate
presented by the APC.

He said, “Don’t let me deceive you my people in Ondo State,
don’t allow the APC to take over this state, if you allowed them, your
condition would be worse than what you are passing through now, their government  would be a disaster for you.

“They have nothing to offer, all they know is propaganda,
you can see what is happening in Nigeria now, if you vote for them what they
are doing at the national level is what they would be doing here. You can see
what is happening in all the states they are controlling.

“Look at our condition in Nigeria, our condition is getting
worse on daily basis, they have no solution to the economic problem facing the
nation currently, yet they say they want to take over your state, I enjoined
you, don’t allow them, they have nothing to offer. “

The governor said he would not stop criticizing the
government until Nigerians enjoy the expected dividend of democracy from the Muhammadu

“If I stop talking Nigerian masses will suffer, a government
without an opposition will not do anything, they want to shut me up, but I will
not stop talking, let them continue to abuse me, I don’t mind.

“I am not attacking the President, I don’t hate the
President but what I have been saying is truth and they too know I am saying
the truth. I am saying the truth so that the President can do things that will
benefit the people of this country. All of us cannot keep quite. “

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