The best moments of any-living being is the reflection of his past efforts at nation buildings, especially when one finds self in the position of leadership, and is able to discharge that position with equity in the eyes of many, where those impacts speak for its self other than one projecting it, that moment can be golden, coming with the mild reflection that prompt one to do more essentially as it concern royal radiance.

That moment when the world is besieged with a pandemic needing and seeking for refuge everywhere and when one needs to abstain, avoid contacts and ensure physical distancing needed more of advocacy is needed, then leadership direction becomes inevitable.

This inevitability is that moment where what effort is being put to use to give physical impact on inhabitants, people have been killed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, where at least millions of world citizens were said to have been affected, it was a moment of grief indeed, where leadership impact is needed, assurance is craved for, and empathy is given to those affected, lost their lives and the living.

In Nigeria, the virus came as strange to many inhabitants, people are hit, many shying away from leadership responsibilities in safety because of fear of contamination, reported cases of deaths on a daily basis, it was that moment every help coming was like delivering succour directly from heaven, it was indeed the moment, oni Ogunwusi crave out his own idea of the disinfectant device.

This he did when he commences fumigating of all spaces in the ancient town of ile-ife, saying it was a calculated effort to combat Coronavirus and also improve the technology of fumigation because of the way fumigation is being done in the country.

It was that moment Ooni ogunwusi said he was going to donate fabricated fumigators two sets to all the 36 states of the federation.

A moment of implementation and matching word with action when the motorize modular fumigators is delivered in all states of the federation, even as pest control association of Nigeria gave it full support as effort been made is tilted toward supporting control of Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

It was that moment when leadership radiance is building ever since from inception from five years of leadership on the thrown, blending traditional, culture and understanding to fitting in, the needs of his people essentially as the leadership vacuum was obviously needing imputes since it has become that such efforts will need enormous financial commitments and that which is between life and death, while the intervention of this kind can be seriously in demand, but no one is coming forth, but only for the braveness of a traditional ruler, whose understanding of leadership is beyond normal.

A moment when one is actually making history in the right direction, saving life and receiving smiles from the maker, cannot be more significant as this, in-so-far, its touches’ on humanity, the emperors of heaven are in the known, meaning, Ooni leadership is nothing but worthy of emulation when one takes a moment to reflect on such intervention, there is nothing to squeeze out other an ideology worthy of emulation so that some of us that are in dire quest of gaining wisdom knowledge and understanding as quoted in the bible given by God, it will be a good choice to request our God to open one eye to Oni Ogunwusi’s leadership styles of wisdom that is only given by our God and that which we all seek through him!

Olusegun Ariyo wrote in From Lagos

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