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“When you are in a team and you are shown a red card, what it means is that your service is no more needed”. “For now, I have left the pitch for the team to play on, meaning   I am no more wanted in the team, I am left party-less”

This was the signal the Benue state governor gave as his reason for being party-less announcing his intention of dumping his party the All Progressive Congress
Ortom, who described himself as a ‘child of God’, said he had yet to decide which party he would move to.
The governor claimed he had been given a red card by the ruling APC, adding that he was still floating, and waiting for any party that would admit him into its fold.
Ortom disclosed this during the inauguration of a special adviser to the Bureau of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Jerome Torshimbe monitored by urban express news online
He said, “Many people have been asking that as we dedicated the state to God, we are still facing challenges but the Israelites passed through the wilderness, where there were giants, wild animals and other things that are harmful but God took them to the Promised Land.
“All these challenges that we see today, we shall see them no more. All that we are required to do is not to begin to be wayward in our conduct but to move to the righteous side of God. Once we do that, things will work out for our good.
“Looking at what is happening to us, sometimes I’m tempted to think that we are dying like people who do not have God. But we must choose the path of working with God, obeying and serving him.”
He added, “We need to come together; let party or ethnicity not divide us. As for the party, I have been given a red card and I’m outside the pitch. So, if I have been given a red card and I’m standing outside, I’m a free man.

“So, I don’t know what will happen next but I’m waiting. If others approach me I will tell the Benue people that I’m joining another football club. I’m a child of destiny and it’s only a God that will decide what I will be.”

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