The Founder of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, a new Yoruba advocacy group and non-profit socio-political and cultural organization, Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa is determined to build new economy and political leaders’ educational center for the grassroots think-tank and social action catalysts. 

The group was set up to advance liberty and justice for every Nigerian through equal opportunity to access unequivocal desire freedom of Nigeria as whole which is currently suffocating under the weight of oppressive political structure by bunches of cronies in deceit progressives campaigner and their counterparts who claimed that power belongs to the people but their failure to maintain the economy lead to crime increase rate that saw many languishing in prison for failed judiciary system.

The group also gave birth to Ibile Prison Policy Initiatives set up to approach criminal justice that recognizes and advances the dignity of human’s life, while promoting justice and restoring communities. Recently, the charismatic man of integrity spoke to us on the current fuel mess that Nigeria is and how it can come to an end.

Read excerpts below;

You are the face of Ibile Revolution Network, Can you tell Nigerians, what is the aim and objective of  the group?

Ibile Peaceful Assembly is simply a platform for Nigerians to be self-reliance to determine their political and lives ’, we strive to achieve this as a reality with Ibile Peaceful Assembly, perspective and code of ethics guideline. We aim to in-built fellow Nigerians in the spirit of federalism for strong links with the individual community and to impel all our members to be communes. In short, we are a group of political courageous and realistic people with a sense of authenticity and genuineness to achieve internal autonomy, not regional autonomy. Our primary objective is to subvert the clientele politics and oppressive political structure, it is not a good tiding as all “Omo Kaa’aro Ojire” has witnessed how the clientele politics playing by Yoruba political leaders hath continue to thrives and brutally controls political drives of Yoruba nation within the Nigeria Federation due to their sham campaign of Change or let us describe it as deceit progressives campaigned. For the past 2 Years now, Ibile Peaceful Revolution Network begun an intensive membership drive, aimed at creating stronger political and self reliance platform for the people in this region in other to hijack the political structure that impoverished Yoruba nation from those who achieve the power and influence through political subterfuge. In other to liberate Yoruba people, we solemnly pledge to use IBILE PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY to subvert the oppressive political structure which is in ruse design to destroy Nigerians psychologically, It’s obvious that inner fear of Political leaders from south-west who find delight in imposing candidate to rape Yoruba people off their mandate for his own foster interest has dominates the Yoruba nation’s political system. IMG-20160419-WA001-2Ibile Revolutionists are all around the south-west to build Yoruba Youth’s psychologically and politically, to make the Youths see reason to demand the freedom of south-west Nigerian which is currently suffocating under the weight of oppressive political structure of those bunches of cronies in progressives disguise and their partners where they claimed power belongs to the people. We opined that Yoruba Nation political helms should not be control by those incompetent bureaucrat impose just to secure the prosperity handful of their loyalists.

saheed ibile1

Ibile Revolution as an organization aimed to do the right thing at all times in a peaceful manner and also in regards to political and cultural responsibility. It will always be peaceful, legal to be bound with constitution plans that will bring every Nigeria citizen to a level of freedom to vote commune people into political offices.

Don’t you think that with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as a Minister of petroleum, and Fashola as a Minister for 3 sectors will generate more controversies for APC government because PHCN which is one of the offices Fashola is holding is the headquarters of corruption?

Fashola directing the helms of 3 ministries is what should be seen as power hoarding which is not to serve Nigeria interest but northern hegemony to set Yoruba people up for failure. Fashola himself has no any other real name than corruption and like seriously the issue at hand is not about APC or PDP, it is about good governance. Asiwaju Tinubu is part of those who use clientele politics to bring PMB to power, let him buckle his shoe to join Mr Buhari deliver their party’s promises to Nigeria.

What are your views about the increment in fuel price?

The new PMS Price announced by FGN had nothing to do with patriotism. It was a violent assault by deceit progressives against Nigerians. If not Foolishness of epic proportions! How absurd will someone design a poster with #IstandWithBuhari in this kind of situation. The bigotry that desecrated new petrol price today has no place in Nigeria. We cannot allow deceit progressives animals to divide us with their anti- poor Nigerians policies.

My thought has gone back Remi Omoyele and those who lost their lives in OccupyNigeria 2012, I regret our participation and what that meant to the history of Nigeria. Can the Minister of Petroleum ( PMB ) explained the cost elements that made up the N145 price to Nigerians  because total landing cost of a liter all-inclusive has been fixed at N138. Some of those who called for violence, war or protests on the new petroleum price are anti-action because their bodies and minds are dead for their belief that NLC really mean to fight for Nigerians. If NLC mean business, let them sue FGN and join National Assembly as codefendant through industrial court to ask Mr Buhari a simple question on behalf of Nigeria if he is now sole administrator who can also act in capacity of director of Petroleum Products, Pricing Regulatory Agency because he choose not to appoint one since inception of this government. Like seriously the bigotry that desecrated new petrol price  has no place in Nigeria.

What advice can you give to the minister of petroleum concerning this matter?

Apparently, we have no minister of petroleum. Mr Kachukwu is just a  passive nihilist because he is just there to keep Nigerians stuck in dilemma, whenever the man comes on TV or in the news, he is always be for impossible salvation through inaction. Let’s hope the current Sheriff in town see reason why he need to appoint a petroleum minister to look for a final solution to Nigeria’s problem. The best man to serve this federation as petroleum minister should be that clientele political master ‘ Asiwaju Tinubu ‘ whom his discipline and professional background couple with his experience as Lagos State government hath really prepared him for the job.  Let Mr president get that man engaged instead of him sitting down as political leader.

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