OLusegun Ariyo

The Ondo state Governor, Arakurin Olurotimi Akeredolu has said those with the intention to cause another havoc on Owo People actually came with another intention to damage craneburg Construction company’s equipment rather than Injure or kill the inhabitants

Akeredolu, who visited the construction site with the Commander of the Amotekun Corps, Adetunji Adeleye, and heads of security agencies in the state, advised the residents not to panic.

On Wednesday night the gunmen launched an attack on the ancient town with residents scampering for safety.

According to the governor “I want to allay the fear of our people. Clearly, what happened here on Wednesday night was not an attempt to kidnap anybody because they went away with nobody. And we have on the premises over hundred people living there.

“Yes, there were sporadic gunshots at the wall but they never went inside to kill anybody. It is better for everybody to know.

“They didn’t go inside there to kill anybody. The only two people who had some gunshots were security men who they saw outside the premises.

“So, it is clear to us that their intention was to attack one or two equipment here, which they did. Their explosives affected the tyres and the windscreen of another vehicle.”

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