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Phyno and life

Life has so many dimensions and
approaches in the way it treat every human being. To some, it may be fair
whilst to others it may not. The understanding is therefore  anchored in
this fact that, in whichever way life has treated anyone, there is this signs
along the line that all may seems to be well as one moves toward destiny.
Indeed, so true. With the realities dawn on many Nigerians whose experiences
has shown toward such direction.

Coming from musical realm, many
musician today has one fairy tales of stories to tell about haw life has
treated them, the mere fact that yours is rosy whilst other is not ,should not
mean life is with bed of roses, but indeed it is because some are just being wise
to acknowledge God in all they do, whilst doing so has come with much more
blessings. Phyno as fondly called is one musician with distinction in the way
his music flows to the hearing public.

Ever since from inception when he
found his way to lime light, I had decided to take a closer evaluation at his
creativity and how he is able to blend its indigenous lingual Franca to excites
the public in general, including this writer. What I found most interesting in
the way his rhythm goes is that Phyno has completely overwhelming mean of
selling its language in all the messages it passes across to the people, not
minding this fact, that Nigeria is where one find about five hundred and twenty
ethnic backgrounds with different ways of communication, styles, custom and
tradition. My viewers would be better understood why this musician is
phenomenal in Nigeria and diaspora. It is either you love him as person or you
appreciated his dynamism of putting into consideration background  account of varying culture in the projection
of its video, where you find some sorts of geographical features of other
ethnic background forming part of its designs, location and image pattern  with more  put into considering other major languages
coming with admiration.

One particular feature it has is
singing with his mother tongue but to the 
amazement of many, it audience cuts
across every region that makes up the country as whole. The point is you either
likes its rhythm or love his admixture of voice and his ability of manipulating
his indigenous language to the amazement of all. Every of his album has one
reason of associating with it either     through
his dexterity and command that is some worth golden in the eyes of millions of
its fans or the admixture of blending recent swags with realities of time.
Until recently when he released his new album, this writer never took him
seriously, but watching the video of its new album, I began to fall in love
with it. In my curiosity, I decide to engage some Igbo speaking friend to help interpret
what exactly is he communicating to the public, what I was told was elating.
Accordingly ‘’he was sincerely grateful to the almighty for making him from
nowhere to becoming an executive, what a life! When you are coming from such
back and then begin to move up higher, it seemingly means life as it is, has so
many way of treating us, but then, so many of us in this realm should know that
it’s the lord that changth things, as he’s the giver and taker. Phyno communicating
back to his maker to me is giving back through appreciation to his maker.
Watching that clip, I personally felt it more especially where he said o’lord,
‘’i came from the east and entered the street was touching, the gesticulations
was by far spiritual and has far reaching effects even to this writer. What I
found special about Phyno remains that he is a child of reward, he knew his
background and he acknowledges.

Those who truly understand God knows
that ‘’if by this means, one is able to communicate, identifying it through his
glory are never bound to fail, and that I dear say, never would one coming with
such ever went dawn. Phyno went ahead, again, this time he says, he remains
loyal to his maker and those who he once meet in one way or the other for favor
that was supposed to be there for him are not and that he would not for
anything, go close to them, can be an eye opener to some of us who is yet to
come to terms with doing good and be rewarded. If, for instance those he
mentioned had been able to render one help or the other to him, who know, might
be the one that would have been proclaiming glory upon themselves by now.

According to him’’ now that God had
rounded over him his garment of glory that no man can touch, is worthy enough
for him to proclaim his glory always. This, indeed, is what the bible has
placed in our hand in proverb that says ‘’the talent of a man maketh many ways’’,
Phyno as fondly called by his admirers, had sown the seed of affection that cut
across the divide, every Nigerian both home and aboard are getting more and
more united with Phyno’s ideology and reasoning ability of thought with using
indigenous communication with admixture of cultural background to unify the
country at large. Indeed, what the country need most for now is his caliber of
persons whose thoughts also falls within such direction. His collaborations with
ingredients of national unity is worthy of emulation by all and sundry, Phyno
and live, truly worthy of emulation. 

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