The quest of advancing the course of
security, safety and developing good relationship within neighboring
environment was again brought to the fore in Isashi Police divisional head Quarter
in Ojo local government. Eminent people’s forum was an idea of the inspector
general of police to bring together people in various strata within Every divisional
police environment in the entire country with the aim of advancing the course
of environmental security and safety all over, coming with strategic option of
bottom up approach in every grassroots network delineation, with the chain of
police adjudication and operation that is within the entire police divisions in
the country.

Speaking at the event, Csp Aminu,
the divisional police head, called on all eminent persons to come together with
the sustained aim of knowing ourselves which he said is an idea of the
inspector general of police. The divisional police head said, most neighbor’s
often face challenges because of the idea of ‘’doing things their selves’’
which he describe as very dangerous self-infliction of pain  and agony especially when security needs
arises all of a sudden.

 ‘’We are each other’s helper essentially in
every environment we found ourselves. ‘’The importance of these is about
helping the security agents in other to be proactive when the needs is
abound’’. Csp Aminu, who also use the medium to inaugurate members of the executives
branch of eminent people forum in its isashi division did pledge the inspector
general of police assurance of working tirelessly, essentially in those
identified areas of importance that remains of benefits to every members within
its environment.

 The chairman of the forum, Chief Emmanuel okafor ,
on behalf of all, thank the inspector general of police for thinking outside
the box in bringing this idea of eminent people’s forum to every grassroots in
the country. Emmanuel okafor said this is wonderful and it is timely,’’ our
people shall embrace this laudable thought of the inspector general, and it
shall be sustainable since the idea is about the environment, security and
safety within isashi here in Ojo local government ’’. Other eminent people who
grace the occasion are the northern traditional ruler representatives, the Igbo
chiefs and Bale of isashi who happened to be the chairman of occasion. The
aftermath of the event shows that indeed, development of these nature are truly
what the people need at  getting to know
each other especially when there is need to help one  other. 

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