IGP approves new CP for Lagos state - P.M. News

Lagos state police have said those involved in the viral video showing
unprofessional conduct on social media have been apprehended and are subjected
to internal disciplinary proceedings.

media was awash with criticism about men of Rapid Respond Squad (RRS),
following their conduct showing how they were destroying crate of beverage bottles
belonging to a shop owner which sparked much of misgivings on social media,
coming with lots of negative reaction.

to the developments, the Lagos state commissioner of police, cp Hakeem Odumosu said
he was saddened with the apparent unprofessional conduct exhibited by some
police officers identified as men of rapid response squad in a trending video
and has ordered  for their immediate
arrest and investigation.

statement from the Lagos state police public relation officer, Dsp Bala Elkana,
said that personnel had been subjected
to internal disciplinary proceedings known as orderly room trial at the provost
department at the command headquarters to serve as a deterrent to others.

said their conduct is totally condemned as it fell short of our professional standard
and rules of engagement adding that  those police officers involved in the enforcement
of restriction orders across the state are further warned to exercise their
discretionary powers with utmost professionalism, compassion and respect for the right
of citizens.

word: “the commissioner of police affirms his stance on zero tolerance for
impunity by some police officers”

against police action in the sta
te, kindly call the following numbers
09090003792, 09010512348, 09010512350’

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