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Nigeria’s Acting president yemi Osinbajo has rounded off presidential
intervention and mediation with leaders from the north and south east with an
understanding that Nigerians from various regions remains one united country

Osinbajo who made the remark during the
iftar he had with northern monarchs, said the overall consensus of leaders from
both regions is that Nigeria must remain an indissoluble entity.
He reiterated that so much blood had been shed in Nigeria’s bid to remain
united, insisting that it was too late to dissolve the entity called Nigeria.
According to him, the strength of great
nations always lies in their size and human capital and Nigeria cannot afford
to be an exception.
“Let me first say how honoured I am by the visit of all of your royal
highnesses today for this Iftar. And just as you-(Sultan of Sokoto) said, it
involved a bit of movement back and forth; the Sultan just arrived this morning
from a trip abroad and he is still able to make it here.
“So, I am really grateful for your
consenting to come to join us at this Iftar but also to wait till tomorrow
despite the plans that you may have made.
“Our nation requires the kind of maturity, the kind of leadership that you have
displayed and I want to thank you for that leadership and for that maturity.
“It is heartwarming to know that we have
leaders especially traditional leaders, who are prepared to make sacrifices,
who are prepared to make concessions and compromises for the good of our nation
and I want to thank you for that great leadership.
“In particular, I want to thank the
Sultan for always being there, for always being ready to offer advice and in
many times to offer an alternative view to what might appear to be the popular
view and I am extremely grateful to you for all of that support.
“The way that we see things developing around our nation today (obviously as
you said, even within families, you have disputes, you have controversies) is
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“All of us have however agreed that our
nation must remain one
united country.
When we spoke yesterday with traditional rulers from the South-east; despite
the issues that were raised here and there. I think that there is clarity as to
that one thing, that our country ought to remain, must remain a united country.
“Just as I said to them yesterday, a lot
of blood has been shed on account of the unity of our country and our
faithfulness even to the lives of those who have made the supreme sacrifice to
this country, demands that we do everything on our part to keep this country
“And in any event, the greatest nations
in the world are those nations who have the size as well as the human resources
in particular to make the best of that size, and I think our nation has that
and the mere fact that we have such a large nation and so well-endowed, in
terms of human resources.
“I think that we are in the best position not only to be truly great but to
ensure that all of our people benefit from the greatness of our country.

So, I want to thank you again for your
kindness and for doing us this honour of attending this Iftar and for sharing
the love of the season.
“l pray that the almighty God will bless you and keep your kingdoms safe

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