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The House of Representatives
On Thursday passed three-bill sponsored by speaker Femi Gbajabiamila one of
which seeks to Prohibit estimated Billing of Energy supply by distribution
companies on its consumers.
The bill is expected to get
a concurrence accent by the senate and then the president before coming to
force. The bill, after the assent, will become criminal for service providers
to issue estimated bills, also known as crazy bill issuance to which would
attract either one-year jail term or fine of one million or both.   

The law, when passed would
also, compel a distribution company to provide prepaid meter to applicants
within thirty days while barring the DISCO’S from disconnecting the consumer
after the 30 days period within which meter should be installed.
Electric Power Sector Reform Act (Amendment) Bill 2018, which Gbajabiamila,
then as Majority Leader, presented in the Eighth National Assembly, was
re-presented in July 2019.
bill is entitled, ‘A bill for an act to amend the electric power sector reforms
Act to prohibit and criminalise estimated billing by electricity distribution
companies and provide for compulsory installation of pre-paid meters to all
power consumers in Nigeria and other related matters.’
the debate on the bill, Gbajabiamila condemned the DISCOs for whimsically
issuing estimated bills on a monthly basis.
billing is not known by any scientific rule,” he stated.
House also passed a bill seeking to make Federal Government ministries,
departments and agencies reserve 20 per cent of job slots for persons living
with disabilities.
is entitled, “A bill for an act to provide that 20 per cent of jobs available
in all Federal Government ministries, departments, agencies and companies be
distributed amongst the physically challenged persons in Nigeria and for other
matters connected thereto.’
bill passed was one seeking to create a bank that grants interest-free loans to
students of tertiary institutions in the country.
bill is entitled, ‘A bill for an act to provide easy access to higher education
for Nigerians through interest-free loans Nigerian Education Bank established
in this act with a view to providing education for all Nigerians.’
the house also ask the federal government to release the N10bn voted in the
2019 Aappriopration Act for the rehabilitation of people and communities
affected by banditry in zamfara state
Adopting the motion, Hon. Bello Shinkafi commend the Speaker for
his leadership initiative and expression of love for the people of Zamfara, as
exhibited during his visit to assess the situation and influence fruitful peace
They also urged the Federal Ministry of Finance to “release the
N10bn budgetary allocation for Zamfara State as captured in the 2019 Appropriation
Act, in order to facilitate and fast-track the process of the rehabilitation
and resettlement of victims of insecurity in Zamfara State,” while mandating
the House Committee on Finance to ensure compliance.
Shinkafi, while moving the motion, said, “The insecurity has
destroyed the social values and economic standing of the state as well as the
means of livelihood of millions of people, such that the focus should now be on
peace initiative to ensure the rebuilding, resettlement and rehabilitation of
the ravaged parts of the state.
“The House is concerned that the economic situation in the state
is pathetic, which accounted for the provision of N10bn in 2019
Appropriation Act, for the resettlement and rehabilitation of the ravaged
state. Economic empowerment through rehabilitation and resettlement is key to
attaining sustainable peace in the state.”

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