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Kano State Governor, Mallam Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has said the indigeneship clause in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria is no longer efficient for Nigeria, as he advocated for a review.

Speaking at the second Kano interfaith and community relations conference, yesterday, Ganduje, said the state government is advocating the provision of residency to replace the Indigeneship clause. Although, many observers believe he was projecting his own idea as part of the calls restructuring the country, whilst others see it as a view from making Nigeria as one where one is free to leave anywhere with sense of belonging
He argued that every person resident in Kano is an indigene, except for the primordial claim of somewhere else.
He said the government would continue to treat all residents equally, as well as consider their civic responsibility to the state’s economic growth. 

He said: “According to our own memo to the National Assembly, the issue of indigeneship should be removed from the constitution and re-qualified so that those contributing to the socio-economic development of their areas of residence should be regarded as indigenes.”

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