Olusegun Ariyo

The lingering issue surrounding how estimated billings is being allocated and distributed arbitrarily between consumers and power distribution company specifically the Ikeja distribution company (IKDC)which had caused many  Nigerians to be allocated crazy bills has again come into contestation,

The National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has been faced with the enormous challenges of settling many lingering issues of estimated billings where it once directed that every distribution company should henceforth, stop estimated billing and that billings should come according to every energy consumed where it encourages the distribution company to endeavour to meet with the demand of Nigerians in supplying them readable meters.

The federal government of Nigeria has once pledged to give Readable meters to those without one where it directed the Minister of Power to supply Nigerians with meters as the issues of paying for such meters arose between the power Distribution Company and consumers.

Even though the expectation is still high back here in Lagos as to whether the federal government will meet the demands of its inhabitants avoiding a high increase in estimated billings, many believe the human nature of manipulation has since made lives difficult for them.

Back here in ipaja, there is the understanding by many that the distribution company must do what it described as internal cleansing in other to ensure better accountability between consumers, marketers and the company.

Narrating his experience, a resident at Jakande estate, ipaja, Mr Popoola alleged that what power holding do is after removing tariff of Pre-paid meter, what power distribution company does is distribute the remaining tariff unjustifiably to those using old meters using different code in classifying it.

He wondered how Ikeja Distribution Company is able to justify such.

When our correspondent visited sector Seven Arm of Jakande estate ipaja, it was discovered that many artisans like welders, carpenters and many other makeshift users are collaborating with the marketer posted in that location to tap energy directly from the linking the major network distributing energy to residents in the said area

One of the artisans specifically a carpenter who is neither aware that such art is bad nor good innocently told Urban Express-News that he pays the sum of Three Thousand Naira Monthly to the marketer, adding that such arraignment is adopted with their other artisan colleagues within the sector.

Apparently not being informed; he said don’t you think it’s good for us, he asked Our Correspondent. Adding that it has been helping them and that the marketer had created a good gesture for them, the artisans.

The reason estimated billings are prominent is not that Nigerians are being carefree alone, the distribution company should equally investigate cases of sabotage coming from its marketers avoiding what Mr Poppola Alleges, whether right or Wrong

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