Olaleye Idowu

Nigerian Doctors that had so far gained Employment in the united kingdom had risen over hundred within just a hundred days space period

This came as the National Association of Residents Doctors (NARD) embarked on strike to press home their demands against the federal government of Nigeria

The development was contained in a report specifically on a website of the General Medical Council, a body which licensed and maintain the official register of Medical Practitioners in the united kingdom

The statistics also showed that between July 24, 2020, and September 21, 2021, about 862 Nigeria trained doctors were licensed in the UK despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, 8,737 doctors who obtained their degrees in Nigeria currently practice in the UK.

A poll by NOI in 2018 showed that 88 per cent of Nigerian doctors were considering job opportunities abroad, but experts say the figure may be higher due to the rising insecurity and economic crunch.

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