Mr Hameed Ali, the Comptroller-General of Customs, has said 99 per cent of rice smuggled through the land borders into the country are not fit for human consumption.He said this at a joint news conference on illegal rice importation to Nigeria yesterday in Abuja.

He said samples of some of the rice seizures made over a period were referred to NAFDAC to ascertain their condition. He said the test reports certified that smuggled rice through the borders was unfit for human consumption and so Nigerians should desist from it.

“Importation of rice into the country is not banned but restricted on the point of entry to seaports only. We remain firm in our resolve to enforce the restriction of rice imports only to our seaports.We have re-organised our anti-smuggling patrols to provide additional capability and bite,” Mr. Ali said while speaking on how to stop them from coming into the country.

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