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Jakande Estate with Location within Ipaja Ayobo was thrown into a devastating moment when robbers raided a location specifically called sector seven in the estate and removed car accessories specifically Auto windscreen engine from both sides of a car door while others had their mirrors removed on the 3rd of September, 2020.

Urban Express-News online gathered the robbers came at the middle of Saturday night and inhabitants woke up to the tragic occurrence on last Sunday as the situation perpetually killed the morale of many from attending church services.

An Eyewitness, Who simply gives his name as Abdulwasiu told our correspondent that the development is prevailing in the estate while the police continuously do not have a solution to the problem.

Ask while did he decided to use the word “problem” he said the development is a reoccurrence thing and nothing the police have done to stop it, which means it has been so without a solution, he said.

One of the owners whose car was vandalised and who do not want her name online told our correspondent that her car Sienna was stolen in estate and nothing came out of it.

This is the third time in recent times that those robbers have been coming to remove accessories inside my car, adding that it was the reason she had to run from their parking lots and come here sector in (seven) again, her car is being vandalized as those robbers remove many accessories that worths seventy thousand.

I believe those coming here to cause havoc are mechanics, there is no way an individual that does not understand the value of those accessories would steal them, they know the worth and value and this must stop.

We are calling on the commissioner of police to come to our aid, as nothing is being done at Alagolo police station other than coming to arrest Okada riders indiscriminately and less of security of life and property which happens to be their primary assignments.

The other victim said the Lagos state commissioner of police should see to how police operation is executed in Alagolo police division,  as the retired Naval officer wondered while surveillance and routine patrol within access roads have now turned to what some of the police do primarily based on what they stand to gain and nothing more!

His word: I know the commissioner of police is a man of action, you journalist should help us disseminate this information, there is a need for change within this jurisdiction, the police here are underperforming and something quick must be done in other for quick response to security issues and sustained operational activities, the retired Naval officer said!

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