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A Cosmetic Shop with location adjacent a communication Network company, a subsidiary of Ministry of Communication Popularly known as P&T, beside Boy’s Town bus-top at Ayobo Alagolo was In early hours of Saturday boggled by robbers who raided the shop and carted away cosmetic products, shoes, chains, Hair-Products and cosmetic instruments used by the makeup artist.

Our Correspondent gathered that the robbers operated throughout the night, and carted away goods and products worth  Four Hundred Thousand Naira N400,000,00.

An eyewitness who confided in our correspondent said Boy’s Town has been a notorious avenue for robbers both at early hours as the day breaks and late night.

“Robbers raid us at night on daily basis on this route and they never stopped, once they collect phone here, immediately you won’t see them again and nothing comes out of it”.

“There are uncountable times that inhabitants of jakande estate and adjoining residence fall victim here” and once such happen, they fall back home in pain, where you see people gather, telling their experience in the hands of those hoodlums”.

The victim, Mrs Yakub, the owner of Mo’Beauty-Glams makeover, the cosmetic shop that was bugled told our correspondent that being a make-up artist, her shop is where all instruments are kept and once there is an appointment with customers, she drives straight from home to her shop to meet with every appointment, and that has been the norm, until last Saturday that she left at about 6 pm when the thought came to carry her instruments but refused, alas, “here we are, robbers had stolen it, she remarked, regrettably!

Mrs Yakub said items stolen include makeup products worth 300k, ring-light N35, 000, 00. Shoe and Bags N55000,00. Television N40,000.00 with her subscription.

Ask if she has reported the cast to a nearby police station, she said, she is seriously down and disappointed and that she will report to Alagolo police station today Monday

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