Zakari Yau, a  notorious armed bandits terrorizing Kogi state
and other adjoining north central states has been smashed by inspector general
of police’s ‘intelligence Response Team lead by Csp Abba Kyari. 

Briefing journalist, Kyari said it took
several months of meticulous and dedicated efforts of strategic and creative
thought put in place in successfully carrying out this operation. Hear him ‘’
we are never tired in our efforts, was the reason for this result, this
notorious criminal in question is known not only for  robbery, he is equally known to be involved in
kidnapping and  used as instrument for
political thuggery’’

Meanwhile the deadly Zakari claims he is a native of odu
ocheli district in Dekina local government with nine wives and fifteen children,
he confessed also to have killed many people in Kogi state especially those he perceived
to be after his life, and in political opposition. He also told the press that
he was actually trained as militant  many
years back in rivers  state  under the leadership of Niger Delta militant
general   before moving down to his home town and form
his group of armed gang .

Continuing, Csp Kyari said several weapon recovered and more
is said to be with his boys that are still at large. Kyari reinstated his commitments
and  trust bestowed on him by the
inspector general of police, promised  never
to relent as  every efforts are  still on ,getting the remaining gang who
during press time, are  still at  large. 

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