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The Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF)
has told the Federal Government to stop  echoing it voice over Ogoni clean-up coming  with empty promises, as it request  speedy implementation of the exercise without
further delay.

The body said so much has been said
about the Ogoni issue without action, describing it as very disturbing.
Speaking with newsmen at the
weekend, in Port Harcourt, a member of the forum, Anas-Sarah Igbe said, the
Federal Government choosing an Ogoni son as the project manager of the cleanup
is not enough.
He said what the people need is
genuine commitment to implement the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
report and not political promises.
He said: “We have heard so much
about the Ogoni clean up without action. All we need is a speedy implementation
of the Ogoni issue and not too much talk.”
The forum also called for allocation
of oil Wells to indigenes of the region and establishment of modular
Igbe said: “In 2019 when most of the
oil blocks will expire, we want our people to participate in the bid. We want
relaxed conditions that will be good for our people. If the conditions are
strict, we will reject it.
“We believe that if our sons and
daughters are involved in oil and gas, we will generate employment and
restiveness will reduce, so we want things that will further make the region a
peaceful place for investors to come in.”

Igbe said PANDEF believes in one
Nigeria. We should be free to live in any part of the country without attack.

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