Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

One local farmer finds himself in a precarious situation. While inspecting his trap in the heart of his farm, he was not circumspect and tread smartly. He laid down his guard and strolled casually to the corner where he had his trap. It was his property, no doubt. He didn’t really need an invitation to walk around it or inspect his crops. He was within his rights to do as he deemed fit. But sometimes, not making the right move can be costly.

To be a property owner means to be committed to a lot of things, which include your own safety, As soon as he moved nearer, the ground beneath his feet cracked. He lost his footing and was sucked into an underworld where he landed awkwardly on the floor and slipped into unconsciousness. You have to know the ground beneath your feet.

The animal, a large carnivorous creature, the farmer had wanted to catch and get rid of once and for all because it had nearly ruined his livelihood had outsmarted him by digging the hole near the trap and watched the man make the wrong move that left him battling for his life. What a moment!

While the farmer briefly closed his eyes upon the light of the world, the animal came out of a nearby bush and peered down the hole at the man that it considered wicked for not allowing its kind have their way on the farm. The animal’s face beamed with smile. He was happy that it had finally beaten the man who had always hunted its kind to his own game.

Then the animal thought it would be nice to drag the farmer further into oblivion by simply making a short work of him. It would be a massive victory for their kind. He had caused the animals so much pain. So getting the farmer off the menu simply means they will now have the farm to themselves. This is history unfolding. The doors are open and the victory is within the reach of the animals.

There was no need for him to be alive. Eating a creature of this size alone would not be nice. The wild animal decided to invite other animals to the party. The hunter suddenly became the hunted. The animal ran back to the bush to spread the news of its theatrical triumph.

Not long after, the farmer regained consciousness. He slowly rose to his feet. He dusted his clothes and glanced about. He could barely see beyond his nose because the day was far spent and it was almost dark down there. As he tried to get out of the hole, the wild animal arrived with its friends. Their meal was trying to get out of the hole. This is not a good idea. They need to narrow his path and send him to the silent world as soon as possible.

They bare their fangs at him and tried to attack. The farmer still had his cutlass by his side. He grabbed hold of it with an iron grip for self-protection. Then a fight broke out. The farm owner had been pushed back. He needs to fight and regain freedom. His life is in grave danger. If he doesn’t act quickly, he may never survive or regain his farm.

This is what Nigeria has slowly become. Kidnappers, bandits and terrorists are winning on all sides and those who should secure lives and properties appear to be on the back foot. Basically struggling to contain the cruel hands of hell, hopelessness have reached the high heavens. On no condition should a national struggle in the defense of its citizens.  

As the farm owner, if we take the wrong turn, our chance of survival will not only be slim, it will be completely wiped out. If Nigeria does not fix her security situation now, the proverbial giant of Africa may never reach her full potentials any time soon. It is difficult to argue that the security situation will improve with the current structure. We are living dangerously. Misery is on the loose. Dogs are denied of bones. The chance to walk free is elusive. Freedom has become a luxury. To challenge the establishment is to dare God and face the music. The renditions are often not pleasant to the ears. It’s like the long walk to freedom. This time with twists and turns that lead to nowhere. To make a difference, we must push and be committed to the project.

There is no future being a liability. Living dangerously is not a path to greatness. It is a sign of weakness. Not knowing how to fix your problems is a calamity. Nothing spectacular or germane will happen in a country constantly on the wrong side of things. It is frustration, humiliation to be lost. You don’t help a man by killing him.  

We have a scar that is easy to see. The country is in the middle of a crisis. That crisis is insecurity. It is a bone in our neck. Sadly, this bone is large enough to choke the nation to death. No nation will make significant progress when her citizens are not guaranteed of their safety.  

Achieving a feat or securing the country can never be done overnight. There are no shortcuts to greatness. And beautiful things are never a product of sheer luck. There must be a deliberate attempt to do what is right. Though, luck sometimes play a key role in propelling one to an enviable height. However, in governance, there is little luck can do in fixing problems. It is down to good governance, expertise, know-how and the readiness of those saddled with the responsibility of governing to act accordingly. Progress is a costly commodity.

As of today, Nigeria is yet to fully embrace or move in the right direction. It appears we still don’t understand the magnitude of the problem before us because we are not doing enough to punish criminals or make them pay for their crimes. We are trapped. There is no balance. Criminals only become daring when they sense they can easily get away with their crimes.   

Terrorists have recorded so much success in the last few months and this has only made them daring. We are one dreadful decision away from total collapse and anarchy. You track down a convict, what you make of him afterwards is of greater importance. If we cannot make him answer for his crimes, we have actually done nothing. Urgent steps must be taken to arrest the situation and stop the bandits in their tracks. The government should draw the line because we have an emergency. If we continue to play politics with insecurity, Nigerians will suffer and things will spiral out of control. We must stay away from any form of evil. Dragging our feet in the congregation of the ungodly only drive crime and put lives in danger. 

I don’t think it will be fair to say Nigerians are free in their own country. Every day is a struggle. Those who make it through the night are never sure of a better day. The constant reminder that nowhere is safe, is evil enough and can make people crack under every truckload of misfortune.

Trapped and relatively outnumbered by criminals and their enablers, we are reinforcing failure and getting drowned by the day.

Evil is awake. Her soldiers are on the dark streets. Multiplying by the second and making gains to the detriment of the world around them. The first phase of the mayhem was almost successfully executed. The eyes that see are quivering. Some are a leech. Some are cruel hard monsters. They pretend not to know evil is upon us and crawl in every direction to ruin lives. A journey from the abyss to the very top is not a pleasant one. It takes might and sacrifice to have a fulfilled life. But some think they can easily cut corners and reach the heights by wielding knives and daggers.  

As a knife pierce a chicken, we have been thrown under the bus to be crushed and battered. That is why there are hardly any days a Nigerian is not killed or kidnapped. Ordinarily, no man wants to die because twists and turns make life sweet. Can Nigerians have their destinies in their hands? That is a matter of choice. There is no guarantee that Nigeria will turn the corner anytime soon. The picture is not clear and the future is bleak.  

Salvation is not a worldly seed or costly apparel worn by the rich and affluent. It is divinely given to all men who merit it. So is insecurity. The cost of it is huge. Divinely given by Satan to his cohorts. Beaten by the beast. Never in the way of relevance. Spoilers who want to own things without following the due process. It is evil.

Things will only get worse if nothing is done about it. The road to the Promised Land is not always paved with treasures and good intentions. Sometimes, it has all sorts of problems, which requires the know-how of a leader to navigate the terrain. Not fixing the problem or lacking the know-how, will lead to a hall of pain.

It is true that a man is for himself and God is for us all, but nothing is guaranteed in a failed state. If we don’t fix insecurity, we should be prepared to face the outcome of its deadly brutality. It doesn’t make any sense if the state is at the mercy of bandits. It only shows that those saddled with the responsibility to keep society safe are either not good enough or have been compromised.  

Nothing discourages people like when they know that their safety is not guaranteed. They exist not knowing what will happen to them the next minute. They live every day like is their last.

Safety is not a meal that the government should serve anytime they so wish. Malevolence should not take the place of safety, goodwill and good governance.

Our inability to decimate bandits has only made them more daring. It will surely get worse if we tread the same old path. It is dreadful to count the dead when we should be focused on humanity and make the world a better place. To disappear is to die. To live is to conquer. God bless Nigeria.

About the Author

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a former cartoonist turned writer. When he was a kid, he loved music and composed songs for his high school band. After school, he wanted to pursue a career in music. Instead, he embraced writing and studied Mass Communications. His literary works and books have appeared in Moronic Ox Literary and Cultural Journal, Open Books and many more. He’s the owner of Ruyi’s World of Books and Stories. 

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