Promises $20BN Dollar Loan To FG……..

“We are here to give back to
society, as we understand that the palliatives of government are not enough
even though it should be understood that we are not here criticizing
government, but complement government efforts in helping them to see that all
obey social distancing and a stay at home order, as it is noteworthy that there
is hunger everywhere in the land and at this  moments, churches and mosques are supposed to give back to the society to which we have
taken the lead”

was the submission of Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin of the Resurrection
Praise Ministry for Africa when distributing food items at Ajeromi ifelodun  local government today as means of supporting government at all levels on
palliatives to the inhabitants of those communities as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that has forced Nigeria’s Federal Government to lockdown Lagos, Ogun
and federal capital territory in other to stop the spread of the virus that is said to have killed millions of people all over the world.

cushioning these likely effects of the lockdown, the presiding Archbishop of
Resurrection Praise Ministry said the idea behind the palliatives is to ensure that the people of Nigeria, specifically in Lagos state where those items distributed are not in hunger and also support
government efforts in reducing every challenge that the people of Ajeromi
ifelodun may be facing at this period of lockdown while urging them to put as a priority, social
distancing and all advisable measures put in place by the government of the day.  

Samson Mustapha made this disclosure while address journalists at Ajeromi
ifelodun local government in Lagos where food items are distributed to large
numbers of inhabitants with location adjacent the local government headquarters today.

further, Archbishop Samson said he will be hoping that the recent twenty one
billion Naira donation from the European Union is utilized judiciously
especially on palliatives measures as he discloses his intention of  loaning $20bn to the federal government of Nigeria

people are saying instead of hunger to kill them, it is well better that
COVID-19 does, which is not good tell at all,  he added ” the various is real
and that what is happening in advance countries is not a good experience, as
Nigeria too is having a taste of it as confirmed cases are ripe to show that the virus is real”.

urges Nigerians to listen to advice from the government as all efforts of the government in disseminating information remain very golden.

soon as you collect the foodstuff, there is vitamin “c” adding to the packages
inside those items, it will boost your immune system to enable it to fight every
virus inside your body”.

Samson said many people have started benefiting from his gesture immediately the
government lockdown directive was handed down as people from Ijegun, onireke in
Ojo local government, satellite town and 
those from Amuwo Odofin were part of it, adding that it intends to keep the gesture going in so for the lockdown still continues.

“It is our hope that the Nigerian people
continues to obey social distancing and restriction order”.

said millions of Naira has been spent on the palliatives since the idea was introduced
, saying the recent fourteen days extension is actually for the incubation  of the Coronavirus which remains the best
option in determining the incubation period for those that may have contacted it whilst urging the Nigerian people
to continue to obey government stay at home order and social distancing for the
good of the country.  

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