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There was Pandamonum in Farin-shinge, Kulho, Jigawa and Dogo Fadama Communities of Mashegu Local Government Area of Niger State As gunmen Kill Three while it abducted 28 inhabitants yesterday Saturday morning

The abductions and killings were carried out from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning in the communities.

The Vice-Chairman of Kontagora Local Government Area, Aliyu Makiga, who confirmed the attack on the Farin Shinge community, said that the gunmen came to Tegina in large numbers to carry out the attack.

“They kidnapped a lot of people, some have been released while others are still with them,” he said.

Makiga revealed that the gunmen have demanded seven 50 litres jerry cans of petrol, packs of Viju Milk and other drinks as a ransom for the abductees from the Farin-Shinge community.

“They are demanding a ransom of seven 50 litres jerry cans of petrol, Viju Milk and other drinks,” he said.

Another group of gunmen were said to have attacked Jigawa, Dogo Fadama, and surrounding communities, killing two people while four others were abducted.

According to Umar Mohammed, a resident of the Jigawa community, the gunmen conducted a house-to-house search, rustling cattle and abducting people.

Mohammed said that though the attack took the community unaware, the majority of the residents of the community were able to escape when the gunmen arrived.

In the Kulho community, the gunmen began the attack at around 3.30 pm and ended the operation at about 6 pm.

A resident named kulho was shot dead and 16 people were abducted while shops were looted and over 18 motorcycles stolen by the gunmen.

A resident in Kulho, Ibrahim Koko who confirmed the attack said that six of his family members including his three elder brothers were among those who were abducted.

“We were all seated at the market square when we saw many motorcycles carrying at least three people on each and they are well harmed with AK-47 rifles. The operation started around 3.48 pm and they left Kulho at around 6.07 pm.

“Many people were abducted. Six of my family members were abducted, they include my elder brothers Yakubu Kulho, Gambo Kulho, Haruna Nda kulho; my younger brother, Baba Nda Karami; my nephew, Mohammed Gaddafi, and my elder brother’s wife, Salah Haruna Kulho. Six of them in my family were taken,” he said.

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