Image result for robbery attack at ile oluji killing three policemen

has fallen in Ile-oluji in Oke-Igbo local government in Ondo state; people from different walks of life are
seen moving from one destination to another. It was indeed a typical day with
hope deem with joy coming with the usualness of having all activities that have
something to do with happenings of life emplaced.

people saw hope, the agglomeration of hills and rocks are not left out in adding
to the beauty of the day, bringing more perfection to the serene environment. Security
officials are seen shouldering their responsibility in ensuring the safety of lives
and properties.

of a sudden, trouble struck, this time, it was a robbery taking place in two
banks almost at the same time within the town of Ile-oluji, an outskirt of Ondo

it is, the robbers struck along the line and killed a policeman on guard and three other policemen from the
special protection unit (SPU) from Osun state police command who are within the town of Ile-oluji but
were unfortunately caught up with armed robbers raiding two banks with three victims consumed on the spot while others had a degree of injuries.

Express News online gathered that eight police special protection unit (SPU)
officers along with their official vehicle entered into Ile-oluji town for
burial occasion on the 5th of February 2020 and on the 6th
of February, on their way back to their destination their vehicle ran into
robbery operation unknowingly and was overpowered, killing three officers on

An eyewitness who pleaded on condition of anonymity told our correspondent this
has been the practice ever before now. He said whenever there is an occasion in Idanre,
police protection unit are always seen in their large numbers in the town
making one wonder if there is actually a valid approval from the police
authority before their deployment.

way and manner those police protection officers are seen here often, anytime there
is an occasion for burials and social parties  really beg the question of whether the police
is dedicated to cover parties and burials only”.

Nigeria police should investigate that deployment to ascertain its illegality;
this is because it is always the norm here and practices anytime there is an occasion
in Ile-oluji making it more dubious in nature, the eyewitness said.

argues that even if there is a legitimate deployment, it shouldn’t be more than
four, but on several occasion when there is burial here, you will either sight  eight or ten of them and where the police Division
at ile-oluji lacks such numbers of policemen to secure the people’s lives and
properties? he asked!

word: “ I even ask a question about the development and what some people told me
is that it may be that their deployment is coming from his Royal Highness, the
oba of Ile-oluji but then, if that is true, while are they seen moving out of
the state, and being killed in a gruesome manner? You need not see the way
those robbers vandalized their vehicle and the way they were killed!

our correspondent sought to know if that special protection unit (SPU)
officers were actually from the palace, a close source said kabiesi was holding
meeting with his cabinet when they had gunshots and that his royal majesty was
not aware of any special protection units police officers in town saying there
was no nexus between the women that was buried on that day and the palace.

The Ondo state police spokesman, Femi Joseph
had earlier confirmed the incident stating that two banks were attacked by
robbers who used dynamites to destroy the entrances of the banks before gaining
access, he, however, confirmed the death of four policemen, saying one was on duty
while three others were on their own guarding VIP before their untimely death. 

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