Have you ever sighted Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s official convoy? You may drive past without knowing its the Governor’s convoy and this is because he doesn’t use Siren. Asides his security details, he also moves with some competent LASTMA officials known as “LASTMA Gov.” Their duty is to control traffic and ensure that the governor’s convoy move freely without any hurdle.

They are a group of competent LASTMA officials who know the nitty-gritty of Lagos traffic. Though many LASTMA officials may have been backlashed couple of times, but when City People sighted this LASTMA governor at work few weeks ago, when RCCG had their monthly convention which was themed Victorious Grace. Not many will forget the girdlock caused by a huge truck which blocked the entrance leading into Redeemed Camp, as a result of which many Redeemers had to follow Asese route to the RCCG Camp. On a closer look, we saw a young LASTMA official with tag name Alausa Rasak who was giving orders and directing traffic even outside Lagos.

Many have always seen the Lagos State Traffic Management (LASTMA) body as a not so important organization that ought to be scrapped, but this has forced us to have a rethink.When we saw them again in the convoy of the Governor of Lagos State, along Marina Road and then at Ikeja few weeks ago, we spotted a  Pilot 1 truck in the traffic and the professionalism with which the LASTMA officials leading the convoy cleared the road was quite commendable. They addressed the public from the public address system in their vehicle in the humblest manner, so as to pave way for the governor.

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