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Uterine fibroid is an abnormal growth of the muscles of the uterus (womb)This is more common in black women but it doesn’t run the family, it occurs.

Randomly, we know that majority of women have fibroids of various sizes Most go unnoticed because it not causing any symptoms or problems for the Women, however in few cases, it may cause problems this problems usually depends on the location of the fibroid.

Fibroid can be located outside the womb (subserous), in the muscles of the womb (Intra-mural) or inside the submucous and sometimes like a pendulum in the womb called (pedunculated fibroid) which could be outside or right inside the uterine (womb) cavity.

 Fibroid can develop symptoms life large uterus when the woman looks pregnant while she Is not, it can cause severe cyclical pain, whether before the period or during the period And some fibroid because of size or location can cause excessive menstrual bleeding.

There some changes that may occurs with uterine fibroid this changes varies from patients

To patient .The commonest changes that may occur is the fibroid getting bigger still it may cause any

Problem other big Tommy, but sometimes the fibroid has mind of his own and develop menstrual

Lining with it self we call that adenomyosis this may come with reoccurring lower abdomen  pains.

Severe menstrual pain, infertility, and damages to the uterus, the tubes, the outer lining of the uterus, the omentum which is the inner lining inside the abdomen.

 When a fibroid is Inside the uterus its might cause symptoms like bleeding, pains during periods.

Other issues that may have with fibroids happens when the fibroids get bigger than the blood supply then areas at the centre of the fibroids blood supply gets cut so the central areas die, or get infected, this can cause pains, fever or abscess and may also come so suddenly that it requires hospitalization.

 How can prevent fibroids, there are no known causes, so there NNE nothing that can be done to prevents fibroids in women, its occurs spontaneously randomly by itself but there things that can be done about the symptoms that may arise from fibroids complications.

For women’s with moderate to severe mental pains on the counter, pain-relieving medications can be used, aspirin or other non-steroidal analgesics, paracetamol, and if the pains are severe and depilating prescriptions medications can be prescribed by a doctor.

When fibroids symptoms are life treating hospital admission and surgical intervention to remove the fibroid could be performed by specialist teams of doctors.

There are few conditions that could mimic uterine fibroids, these are Ovarian cyst, other gynaecological tumours ( swelling or cancers), abnormal swelling inside the abdomen, and other cancers spread.

Finally, fibroids is a very common gynaecological condition in women, it’s advisable to do a routine check-up to check for fibroids and if any fibroids are discovered it can be monitored once or twice a year.

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