As The trend of whistle blowing
becomes the desires of many in helping the government to rid the country out of
corrupt practices, it was another break-through yet again, as whistle blowing trick this time helped the Economic and financial crime commission, EFCC, Lagos zone
to uncover large chunk of money suspected to be laundered to the tune of N448,
850,000 (four hundred and forty eight million, eight hundred and fifty thousand
naira) with location in Victoria island, Lagos

According to the EFCC, the money
stashed in several bags popularly called ‘Ghana Must Go’ were in N500 and N1000
denominations, hidden in the shops and awaiting conversion into foreign
currency. Relying on information provided by a concerned whistle blower,
operatives of the Commission swooped in on the shopping complex and sought the
identity of the owners of the two shops, LS 64 and LS 67 which were under locks
and keys.

The shops had signages of Bureau de
Change. Inquiries about the owner of shop 64 indicated he had not been seen for
a long time, as they claimed the shop had not been opened for business for
close to two years. Several calls were put to the owner of shop 67 but there
was no response. The attention of the plaza’s chairman and some traders were
drawn in order to force the shops open. There was no money found in shop 67,
but in shop 64, heaps of “Ghana Must Go” bags were found loaded on the floor of
the shop. When the bags were unzipped, they were found to contain bundles of
naira notes totaling N448,850,000.

Traders interviewed at the premises
claimed they were not aware such money was housed in there, as the place hardly
opened for business.

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