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I took the last decade of knowledge, failure, wins, consistency and intentionality to package my newest book titled, Fundamentals of Freelance Writing.

The book is a product of my self-education and research work on freelance writing and journalism.

In the course of training people on freelance writing, I have been asked by participants on how to leverage on freelance writing. I have also received calls and “you can do it signals” from different quarters on the need to put some of my freelance writing experiences in a compiled book for the benefit of aspiring freelance writers who might never have the opportunity of hearing me facilitate face-to-face training on freelance writing.

In response to the calls and signals, this book is birthed. The book represents the summary of most of the training paper presentations I have facilitated on different platforms and feedback I have received so far.

The book provides step-by-step approach on how freelance writers can develop ideas in coherent paragraphs; express themselves clearly, correctly and concisely.

It also contains ideas on how writers can market themselves and use storytelling as a secret tool to give their clients and content consumers moments they will hold dear for a long time.

Kindly spare few minutes to read few reviews and learn more about my book:

“The book is a ready tool for writers. It’s a guide to structured and strategic writing that will attract publishing. I recommend it for persons with a desire to take their writing passion and skills to a career level of self-reliance, working remotely especially in this new normal and monetizing of skill and talent. The more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their works.” – Mrs. Dideolu Adekogbe, Education Consultant and author, A Handbook of School Administration Practice

“Fundamentals of Freelance Writing will set you on the path of mastery of words, your pen and parchment. Captured in simple and bite-sized narratives, you will learn the techniques of writing; but even more, Mr Adeogun includes the so important aspect of writing – being commercially attractive! In essence, a copy of this book will set you apart now and years to come. Well done Sir!”- Mrs. Olubukola Ajiboye, Broadcast Trainer and Entrepreneur

“Many aspiring and already established freelancers have continued to remain in the shadows, not on account that they are less qualified; the reasons being that some lack the ability to first present themselves, their to present their works and create an impressive lasting impression in the minds of their clients. So, Fundamentals of Freelance Writing written by Kayode Adeogun not only captures the art, craft and science of freelance writing; the book is handy as a guide for these reasons: its simplicity and style that make anyone resonate with everyday reality and dynamics of writing; the incorporation of exercises and assignments, glossary and bibliography sections and an in-depth referencing for further studies. Perhaps, one underlying secret in the book is that freelancing can and will pay your bills and more. How? Simply put, when you get the book by the coach of content writing himself – Adeogun. Without any reservations, I therefore recommend this book for every aspiring freelancer and those already in the game for the aforementioned reason and more.” – Elizabeth Osayande, Freelance Writer, Vanguard Newspaper; Correspondent, Newsbeat Online Newspaper.

“The world is evolving and freelance writing has become the order of the day that is been adopted by a few people who understand its business. I called it BUSINESS because you are not employed by any organization or company – you work for yourself and it involves you and your clients and you are definitely been paid for your writing. However, a book by Adeogun Oluwakayode, Fundamentals of Freelance Writing is a great one and also an eye-opener. The book which is in 14 chapters gives a knowledgeable and easy to understand the process of freelance writing. The book is indeed a must-have for every lover of writing.” – Mrs Omosebi Oluwakemi, Broadcast Journalist

“Fundamentals of Freelance Writing, a book authored by Adeogun ‘Kayode is an elegantly written book for all and sundry whose passion is to know where and how to go about putting their ideas and thoughts for proper communication to their clients and audience… I cannot mince words on the importance this book will play in the lives aspiring writers, students and professionals alike. It is indeed a welcome and awesome blessing to own a copy and gift a copy to friends and loved ones.” – Funmi Fadahunsi, Executive Director, AO Demarg Nig. Ltd.

“Posterity will never forget you for writing Fundamentals of Freelance Writing. The book has succinctly epitomized the bulk of benefits and gains that readers and growing freelance writers will obtain in reading the book. Kayode has written a great book, one that is insightful, heartfelt, concise and easy to understand. As the saying goes, “the taste of the pudding lies in its eating”, hence, I will not hesitate to recommend the book for students, and professionals who wish to grow in knowledge and art of freelance writing. Kayode, your contribution to literacy will be remembered for years to come.” –  Dr. Oluwakemi Adeola, Director of Studies, Global International College

“We are living in a new world. It is a world that demands creativity. It is a world that call for new ways of doing things (even the old things). Despite the uncertainty of the world we live in, one thing that will always stand is the ability to write. Like my friend jokingly says: ”It will be difficult for Robots to write poetry.” Writing comes from that space deep within your soul and writers will always be part of our lives from generation to generation. That is why Fundamentals of Freelance Writing could not have come at a better time. It provides a good ‘how to’ outline for everyone who desires to make a living from writing. Kayode Adeogun is a writer that has perfected his craft over the years. He writes from deep within himself and I am sure that this book will provide excellent resource for all writers.” – Yinka Ogunde, CEO, Edumark Consult

“The blueprint for your personal and professional writing is finally here! In this phenomenal book, the author outlines a power-packed roadmap to take you to the next level of your career in freelance writing. As a freelance writer with ThisDay and other local and international tabloids, I can say without any reservation that this spirit-filled book is the perfect catalyst for change for aspiring and professional freelance writers. Well-researched and filled with information on how to be exceptional as a freelance writer. Indeed, Fundamentals of Freelance Writing is your ticket to the top.” – Mr. Olusegun Ariyo, Editor, Urban Express News, Urban Planner and Author, Which? Consumer Guides Solution To Processing Land and Property Documents In Lagos State

“There’s a simplicity to writing that stands as a mirror – image of the nature of the writer himself.” A writing’s directly simple and flowing. One that attacks a subject matter with precision but without grammatical gore or violence. It’s all in the humility of the choice of words without unnecessary grandiloquence. The grammar is on point with certain ease of usage, without sounding moralistic, pontificating or more of a wordy filibuster. This is a book for everyone hoping to become-whether prominent, freelance or even a closet writer. But it. Read it. And your view of writing shall never, hopefully be the same again.” – Odolaye Baa Waki Aremu, Wordsmith

“Many of us are pregnant with information that is very relevant to our industry and also outside our industry. Fundamentals of Freelance Writing is a well-articulated guide to help aspiring and professional freelance writers to up their game. The book gives an account of how to overcome odds to achieve success as a freelance writer. I recommend it to potential and daring freelance writers including entrepreneurs.” – Mr. Adedeji Odulesi, an inspirational writer and polyglot

“Fundamentals of Freelance Writing – A Fantastic Compendium of Resource for Every Writer. Writing is a huge challenge for many people, even those with the best intentions. This book breaks down the process and makes it simple, in such a way that everyone with an idea can soon become a professional freelance writer. This book sets out to help you understand the “How To” and the Step-By-Step process of freelance writing. Anyone can now start from scratch, without fear or stress, and reach “The End” and final full stop. ‘Kayode Adeogun has taken time to articulate the concept of writing freelance material, as well as your role as the writer. You will also know the mind of your reader once you decide to put pen to paper. The book contains examples of various types of writing, and how you, as the writer, can impact your reader using different styles. From now on, you can choose any single niche, and become a profound writer, and with so much ease. You now have no reason, not to write and publish one book, every year, if not every month! This is the resource compendium you have been waiting for. I recommend Fundamentals of Freelance Writing to everyone who is serious about writing.” –  Olayinka Dixon-Oludaiye, Life Coach, Journalist and Teacher

“Kayode is an experienced writer who leaves his readers always wanting more. I have enjoyed reading some of his writeups. He has put together a multifaceted manual for success in freelance writing career – an in-depth treatise that focused on how writers can attain achievable and outstanding success in freelance writing. The book is inspirational and would also motivate those who have doubts about starting up freelance writing on their own. I recommend this uncommon wisdom to all writers and anyone planning to start up freelance writing career because is loaded with insights.” – Mr. Olawale Oreyomi, Barrister, Solicitor, Corporate Consultant and Notary Public

“A mark of an educated mind is to see a void in the world and use his skill to fill that void. that’s what Kayode did with his book. If you are a writer of any sort and you want to maximize your creativity for efficacy and profit, look no further because this book is a masterpiece. I endorse it.” Tosin Imhogiemhe, Author, Pain Is a Gift

“One of the key things that stands out in this book is the fact that the writing method is generic and will be easily adoptable for many aspiring writers. The message will make each person reading the content of this book feel they are being talked personally. It is very relatable.” – Bukola Lameed, Therapy Queen

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