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Politics is about the people and meeting the demand of those that elected me at the just concluded primary election, essentially the entire Lagos inhabitants  demands that we put all our plans in shape through  creative and strategic thinking, since our campaign is coming with issue-based and our understanding of Lagos inhabitants as being the most informed state essentially on the happenings  is never in doubt, more so that election campaign banned has not been lifted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), people should not mistake strategic planning to insinuate what is not, contesting general election remains strategic and planning ahead is what matter and not what some people branded it to be!

This was the submission of the Governorship candidate of People’s Democratic Party in Lagos, Pham Jimi Agbaje in reaction coming in from some quarters that he had almost forgotten he’s contesting an election.

In a statement made available to journalists through his media team, the governorship hopeful believe what is more important is the people of Lagos inhabitants who he said are the reason he was in the race in the first place.
“Politics is local, the people of Lagos are my voice and also determine every of what would be my action toward every step we intend to take since they are the one we intend to govern come may 2019  hand over date”.

On strategic planning, Agbaje  said winning primary election is an aspect; contesting general election is what truly matter and one should not expect his team to start campaigning without being mindful of what are the guidelines and  the rules and regulation that the electoral body had put down as what all candidates must follow, which indeed has helped in giving them ample time in doing creative thinking and strategic planning.

“Those spewing different insinuation are our detractors, they never meant well for the people of Lagos in the first place if not, how do one start campaigning where INEC is yet to left ban on campaign activities, he asked?  
“Are those saying we are “almost forgotten we are contesting” does mean well, essentially for the most sophisticated people of Lagos that are bent on changing the way things are done in the state, he queried  

Agbaje said he will soon be coming all out once the campaign ban is lifted by the electoral body and all the strategic plans it has for the people of Lagos would soon be in the domain and reach of every Lagos inhabitants and all

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