An Alabama aunt thought her
19-year-old niece was spending too much time on Facebook recently, so she
created a fake profile and befriended her to see what she was up to online. But
as reports, the answer she got was more troubling than anything she
could have imagined.

The niece
is Marissa Williams. Williams’ aunt was puzzled by the constant stream of
strangers always at her house, so she created a profile posing as a boy named
Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis and befriended her niece and that may have ultimately saved
her life.

On the
first day the two talked online, Williams invited Ellis over to her house to
get drunk with her. She sent the fictitious boy her phone number and home
address, and said she would have sex with him if he agreed to pay her $50 cell
phone bill. As troubling as that is, things were about to take a much darker

Just a
few days later, Williams told Ellis that she hated her family and wanted to get
out of Alabama. She asked Ellis to come kidnap her and said he should shoot her
aunt if she tried to stop him.

As time
went on, the conversations grew increasingly unnerving. Williams told Ellis,
who to her was a strange man she had never met, how to break into her aunt’s
room so he could kill her aunt and her aunt’s fiancée. Williams asked Ellis if
he could leave his car parked outside during the break-in so she could pack her
belongings into it while he killed her entire family.

hearing the plan, Williams’ aunt decided she’d had enough and called the
Sheriff’s Department. Williams admitted to the plan, but says she did not
actually mean for anyone to be killed. Nevertheless, she was arrested and
charged with the solicitation of murder. She is being held on $30,000 bond.

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