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The disadvantage experienced  in an increasingly globalized world in terms of what connects people’s opportunities when it’s come to communication and general language has  adequately been attended to by word’up,  with a construct it identified as Revolutionary English learning App based On Ai download b with over five million users

These Developments, according to the founder, Paymon Khanooshi are based on the fact that Over 1-5 billion, people speak English as a second language compared to native speakers which serves as a disadvantage, where English is what connects People.

In a release, it said the word ‘up has just Launched a new  ‘AI’ feature; fantasy chat that allows  users to have an imaginary conversation with their idols

The statement lay down further that it is a very enjoyable and engaging way for English learners to practice their language, and skills and widen their vocabulary, adding ‘’it’s available to the latest version of the App On Both IOS and Android in every country.

The Fantasy Chat of the word ‘up allows users to have an imaginary conversation with their idols, celebrities, writers, artist, athletes and politicians to discuss any topic and even debate them.

Regarding active vocabulary, the concept, it allows users to uncover their existing vocabulary knowledge into a ‘digital twin’, a hyper-personalized learning journey with plenty of examples and visual learning content.

“Word ‘up, the leading App for Personalized Vocabulary Learning used by millions of People around the world”

“The Problem was, words were learnt into the user’s passive, rather than active vocabulary as they will understand the words when facing them but couldn’t necessarily recall and use them naturally in real-time conversation, moving from passive to active vocabulary is only possible through practice and usage”.

The Founder of Word-up, {https://wordupapp.co}, Paymon Khanooshi and Somaveh Aghnia said  the idea behind the developments has created a good software business in the united kingdom manufacturing  and has created jobs for over 500 People adding that  it has won several industrial awards, including the Queen’s Award for Innovation

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