As we live to feel things that
savor our souls especially  in time Of
depression, it often gives meaning to life by adding taste to it in terms of
bringing delight with ingredients to soul searching and helping body satisfaction
from rather moving back-wards, it’s also explains this  reality 
that every living things comes at some points and go,  some amazing things that  we human beings dominates on this planet
earth and admires, like animals, sweet rhythms that provide food for the heart,
comes and when the time is ripe for them to go , its comes with  adding pains and  sorrows that 
even when asked, we wouldn’t have wished 
it goes,  but then, some would
have rather stay.

If the inevitability of human
efforts are  things to go by, it would
have been comprehensible where-with, encourages sustainability in replenishing
itself, where productivity would have become the other of the day, discovering
more talent and harnessing them, indeed, where it would have succeed in
discouraging it movements into gradual extinction.

Par-harps,  having sweet lyrics as something that
provides food to the heart  can be  joyful, but not when we are circled with the
predicament of its  gradual movement
towards extinction,  and  where 
no means of survival  can be a
permanent burden to the souls of many essentially  with desirable interest in those enviable
melodies that provide food to their heart . 

Was at home over the weekend
when I was tuning the channel of my television set to find some suitable
programme that can support my instinct of having joyful moments of relaxation
with my family.

As it was my normal routine
especially after the usual hustle and bustle over the week and then the period
of weekends is to find time to have some pits of re-union with them.

Then come some very interesting
programme that is put together by ultima studio, the organizers project
fame   in bringing up young talent into
fame, helping them develop their potentials in various fields of music

Watching that episode on that
superlative Sunday was indeed ironical. It was time for their usual task
individually. instructively, the type of music that is expected of them perform
turned to be reggae music, on noticing, I pursed a bit, went into memories, to
remember those legendries with that pattern of music and  how their efforts had so far paid off when in
their last episode, they  introduced  waka, an indigenous music that helped  one of its 
contestant clinched third runner up 
position in their last edition, and had since been recognized  globally with it, through their discoveries
and  also, was equally amazed in noticing
their smartness for infusing that pattern of rhythmic out-flow into their
weekly schedule and not allowing  reggae
music movement go  into extinction.  

That moment was quite
significant, in that, it was a day set out for them to perform reggae germs in
their usual task of the week. It catches my attraction where it made me stayed
glowed to that particular station. it tailored 
me back into the good old days, after seeing one of the contestants
playing one of the leads songs of majek fashek, titled ‘’send dawn the rain’’.

That moment saw the audience in
high spiritually lifted mood, living some shouting the name of the originator,
whilst some are in confuse stage as to whether  they 
can  in actual sense, get another
performer and excellent composer  in  replacement of Majek Fashek in their

The contestant gave his all, he
was actually wearing the same attire to which the artist used to perform in its
originality, the bell he used when he was said to be chanting that  rhythmic phrase ‘’send dawn the rain’’, and
then picturing out the majek’s own video, what I remembered was that after
chanting those words, the rain began with drizzling, whether or not it was
real, the reality then was that it ended up dropping, and indeed the contestant
was unable to achieve that when performing his music, so sad.

But then, what it gave birth
to, that is more of concern here is in the fact that majek has stopped
performing in spite of the admixture between modernity and Stone Age his music
performance has been able to build with-which he was able to achieve in his
generation with another reminder of some other known artists in the reggae
industries too that had come and gone.

The legendary Bob-Marely whose
music still remains ever green gave his best and is much celebrated in so many
countries of the world. His music still depict different things to so many
people, the lyrics alone has become some house hold choice of music like the
world most acceptable tone sax of Kenny G. for some of us, who truly
understands how music feed our souls.

His saxophone interpretations
alone gives varieties of meanings that one can allude to the allure tunes of
tony Montana legendary sort after concepts Guitarist of barricading  the uniqueness of his tones to over shadows
whoever he  was  having collaborations with in time of
engagements. Bob-merely had been on for decades, and after he left, his music’s
never stops lifting the souls of many.

More in tune was when project
fame organizers dedicated reggae performance as task for its contestants that
week, it was time for another artists’ to perfume lucky dube’s music, another
sporadic shouting gout the air, opening old wounds, allowing many of his
admirers to remember the tragic accident that cut-short his life back there in
south Africa on that faithful day. To those audiences, it was the time to raise
their pla-card everywhere with different inscription, as means paying glowing
tribute and homage to the great legendary reggae artist.

To me, indeed it was time for
me to begin by reflecting about the past in the annals of things to imagine and
then ponder about what is gradually bringing dawn these wonderful artist who in
different foray, have succeeded in using their talents to lift so many
challenged souls and gradually, we begin to see them no more and their concepts
and types of reggae music pattern its self, is gradually fading away especially
in our country Nigeria.

If I must add, the interview
granted by terry G in punch newspaper, describing one Nolly-wood actress  as being the one  that actually introduced him into smoking
weeds can be telling and that which  even
add up in my thinking and thought about the engraving situation one can build
its argument on,  as a pointer of  having found to be one factor for  the gradual extinction of so many of our
reggae artist .

If we must reflect back to
history, it was reported  also, that
majek fashek had similar challenges and that there was some certain time the
family were trying to revive him of those addiction of drug he got him-self,
into as revealed in some  dailies, and
till this moment, the challenges still persist, making him not fit any more to
perform and keep the spirits of reggae music flying, the same goes to so many
with similar experiences except for luck dube who was reportedly killed by
people of the other side signifying racism as being what lead to shooting him
in Pretoria.

The point I am driving here is
that many reggae artist all over the world are rather had one relationship with
drug addiction or the other and then as result, create more trouble for them
self’s and at the end, there life is cut short, and Nigeria is no exception.
Could this then be the reason reggae music is gradually moving into extinction?

Was also reflecting into the
music of terry G and then to discover in the message he was passing out to the
public when he said ‘’if you run faster than I do, then you go, run mad’’ what
else could one add up in his reason-ability of thoughts to understands the
direction our reggae artist are moving on towards… please, pardon my decision
to relax my mind whilst I take some liquid content of wine as I chill for some

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